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Nightmare King
Have you ever looked into the eyes of the devil? And seen nothing but pain, suffering and evil... Well guess who put that darkness there, guess who even tortured Satan himself... Thats right, Sam Lucifer Black. This guy is not someone to be messed with, his mind is over run by the darkness and he cut his own heart out at the age of ten as he saw no use for it anymore. He has murdered, tormented and tortured hundreds looming on thousands of people and he doesn't plan on stopping now. He is a part of the Blood, Fire & Darkness Clan at Wishing Well Academy and every day he spends here he gets closer and closer to his goal of bringing the Elites down and ruling over the school with his army of Nightmares. He feels pain, but it is almost orgasmic to him and killing him is near impossible. If you are lucky enough to posses a power that he finds useful you might be lucky enough to become one of his puppets, which basically means he will force you to harm your friends and family for your own safety. He is cold blooded and malicious and won't hesitate to harm anyone in the goriest of ways.

Where the f*ck are you all?